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Strengthening Ties Through Commerce

The Cyprus Canada Business Association (CCBA) operates under the auspices of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce & Industry with the mission is to further strengthen the ties between the two countries by an increased exchange of goods, services, experiences and know-how.

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President Anastasiades officially installed as 7th President of Cyprus

Νikos Anastasiades was officially installed this afternoon as the 7th President of the Republic of Cyprus in a ceremony at the House of Representatives.

Canada’s Banks Awash in Profits

Canada’s biggest banks have produced a blockbuster first quarter, as higher profits from a variety of sources help to erase investor concerns about slowing growth in consumer lending.

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President’s Welcome

Canadian bilateral political relations with Cyprus stemmed initially from Cypriot Commonwealth membership at the independence of Cyprus in 1960. These relations were expanded in 1964 when Canada became a major troop contributor to the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus. The participation lasted for the next 29 years, during which 50,000 Canadian soldiers served and 28 were killed.

Bilateral commercial relations with Cyprus have been relatively modest. The Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry is determined to improve that. Therefore, it took the initiative to form the ‘Cyprus – Canada Business Association’ which has the following aims:

  1. To promote, expand and encourage economic and trade relations between Cyprus and Canada.
  2. To propose to the governments of the two countries, ways and means through which trade and economic relations can be further improved.
  3. To organize meetings with officials of the two countries with a view to safeguard the smooth operation and flow of trade between the two countries.
  4. To create and maintain on a regular basis communication between the business communities and politicians of the two countries.
  5. To develop various ways for enhancing cooperation between Cypriot and Canadian businesspeople.
  6. To investigate and present to the Canadian market the dynamic aspects of the Cyprus economy, with emphasis on the opportunities for International and Canadian companies to trade not only with Cyprus but also via Cyprus with other countries.
  7. To promote the prospects of the Cypriot business community investing in the Canadian market and provide assistance and information in order to facilitate such investments.

The members who joined the Cyprus – Canada Business Association already confirmed their commitment to take all necessary steps for the achievement of the above. We are warmly inviting all Cyprus – Canada friends to join us for a mutual effort that will naturally result in an even more successful outcome.

Michael Antoniades

President Cyprus – Canada Business Association

The Cyprus Canada Business Association is brought to you by the Cyprus Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

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